The Chinese Regulator Set Rules for Piloteless Passenger eVTOL

Last week the Chinese civil aviation regulator CAAC published two milestone UAV rules on its website both of which have actually come effective last December but only being released to the public now. These two rules, one „administrative policy“ (the overall framework) and one advisory circular (AC), set the framework for UAV certification in China including passenger-carrying pilotless UAV which could be the first such rule in the world. For the full rules (in Chinese only):

In the AC, The CAAC specifies the safety requirements for pilotless passenger UAV to be „no lower than piloted aircrafts of the same class.” but there is no specific value in the rules for safety requirement for pilotless passenger UAV like those set by EASA’s SC-VTOL. In the AC it says the value for safety requirement of passenger-carrying UAV is not specified at this moment due to lack of empirical data of such aircraft.