• Joby’s liquid hydrogen powered eVTOL flew 840km

    On 11 July 2024 the leading eVTOL company Joby Aviation annouced that one month agao they have flown a modified S4 tilt-rotor eVTOL converted to liquid hydrogen fuel cell electric 523 miles (841km) on one tank of liquid hydrogen.

    The landmark test flight, believed to be the first forward flight of a vertical take off and landing aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen, was completed last month using a converted Joby pre-production prototype battery-electric aircraft fitted with a liquid hydrogen fuel tank and fuel cell system. It landed with 10% of its hydrogen fuel load remaining. The flight was supported by the Agility Prime project of the US Air Force.

    Joby’s hydrogen-electric demonstrator is part of the Company’s future technology program and is the result of several years of collaboration between a small team at Joby and H2FLY, Joby’s wholly-owned subsidiary based in Stuttgart, Germany. The converted aircraft previously completed more than 25,000 miles of testing as a battery-electric aircraft at Joby’s base in Marina, CA.

    Using the same airframe and overall architecture as Joby’s core, battery-electric aircraft, this demonstrator features a liquid hydrogen fuel tank, designed and built by Joby, which stores up to 40 kilograms of liquid hydrogen, alongside a reduced mass of batteries. Hydrogen is fed into a fuel cell system, designed and built by H2FLY, to produce electricity, water, and heat. The electricity produced by the hydrogen fuel cell powers the six electric motors on the Joby aircraft, with the batteries providing additional power primarily during take-off and landing.

    Joby’s H2FLY team used similar technology to complete another record-breaking flight in September 2023, when they flew the world’s first piloted flight of a conventional liquid hydrogen-electric aircraft using their fuel cell technology.

  • V2000CG Cargo eVTOL of Autoflight received Type Certificate

    A ceremony was held in Kunshan city near Shanghai in the afternoon on 22 March 2024 for the issuance of the type certificate from CAAC to V2000CG cargo eVTOL unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of Autoflight Technology.

    This TC is issued to V2000CG under the large UAV category (empty weight >116kg and MTOW > 150kg) of Part 21 of CAAC. According to public information, this is the first certified large cargo eVTOL by CAAC and, in this sense, in the world. According to Autoflight, V2000CG has a maximum takeoff weight over 2 metric tons and a payload of 500kg. Autoflight has been developing in parallel the passenger-carrying model called „Prosperity“ similar to V2000CG.

    At the ceremony Autoflight signed an agreement with ZTO, a leading Chinese delivery company, for 30 V2000CG and an agreement with Heli Eastern, the largest Chinese helicopter operator for operation partnership.

    Autoflight applied for a type certificate to CAAC in September 2022 for V2000CG, which was officially accepted on September 29, 2022, and finally awarded the TC on March 22, 2024, which means that the certification of V2000CG lasted one and a half years.

    For more information: autoflight.com/ZH


    Shenzhen (27 February, 2024): AutoFlight, the eVTOL pioneer, today presented the world’s first inter-city electric air-taxidemonstration flight between the southern Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai.

    AutoFlight’s five-seater Prosperity eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft completed a significant milestone by autonomously flying a 100km (62 miles) roundtrip route from Shenzhen to Zhuhai and back. The flight from Shenzhen to Zhuhai across the Pearl River Delta took just 20 minutes, a journey that would require three hours by car. This achievement marks the world’s first public flight of an eVTOL aircraft on a cross-sea and inter-city route, spanning across the bay where the Pearl River meets the sea, connecting the two southern Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai.

    read more

  • Big day in Shenzen today the First Flight over the pearl river delta with a 2 ton eVTOL will be executed as part of the Chinese Low Altitude Economy program will be executed from Zhuhai to Shenzen at 17:00 Local Chjina Time . read more later today here .

    Symbolic image from a Heli eastern Platform downtown Shenzen where the Helicopter operator Heli Eastern wants to fly with their helicopters and eVTOLs. The Testflight today will be executed trom a Platform ms in Shenzen port and the Zhuhai port.
  • Boeing-sponsored GoFly Prize to Launch new competition

    On January 23, the GoFly competition, initiated and sponsored by Boeing, released a teaser video indicating that a new round of competition will begin, this time probably for air rescue scenario. Details will be announced on the GoFly website later. For more details: What’s Next – GoFly Prize GoFly Prize

    Boeing launched the GoFly personal aerial vehicle competition in September 2017 to encourage design of innovative vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. The inaugural competition was designed for personal use with the following basic requirements: safe, quiet, ultra compact, single-seater, range of not less than 20 miles (32 km), vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) or near-vertical take-off and landing. The rules of the competition are detailed at:

    The first GoFly competition attracted more than 800 design teams and more than 3,600 members from more than 100 countries according to GoFly website. The total award of the competition was 2 million US dollars, including 1 million US dollars for the first place, 100,000 US dollars for the „disruption“ special prize sponsored by Pratt & Whitney, 250,000 US dollars for the quietest model and 250,000 US dollars for the smallest model that meets the technical requirements of the competition.

    In February 2019, Boeing selected 40 Phase 1 winning teams, and in March 2020, five Phase 2 recommended teams were selected, each receiving $50,000 in prize money for that phase, followed by the third phase of the most difficult prototype construction and test flight. On February 29, 2020, Boeing held the inaugural final round of the competition in San Francisco. It is worth mentioning that since 2020 is a leap year, February 29 is a leap month, and February 29 in English is „leaping day“ which exactly reflects the purpose of the GoFly competition.

    Since none of the aircraft designs that made it to the inaugural GoFly finals did not meet the above requirements, none of them were eligible for the million-dollar prize, and only the design of the TeTra team from Japan won the $100,000 „Disruption“ award sponsored by Pratt & Whitney. After the first competition, a number of participating teams began their entrepreneurial journey.

  • Some more images from the 7th e-flight-forum global in Kunshan China

  • e-flight-forum Kunshan started live stream available

    Today the 7th e-flight-forum Global started with presentations players from around the world first impressions and the lifestream under


  • AERO Asia 2023 starting with e-Planes & Sustainable Aviation Forum

    The first AERO Asia started today in Zhuhai China with a reparable success more than 250 exhibitors from around the world showed their latest development.

    The big majority at this show coming from mainland China but also a reasonable number from abroad.

    As sustainable and green aviation are a big focus of this event There are not only quite a number of conventional Aircraft manufacturers showing their latest products but also quite a number of manned and unmanned eVTOLs as well as conventional aircraft.

    Next to exhibits and a small airshow there is also a number of forums around GA on of Forums around „Low level Aviation“ which is a new term created in China for GA and AAM together-

    The half day „Sustainable Aviation Forum“ with speakers from US over Europe up to China and Australia highlighted the latest envelopment of eMotor, e-Aircraft and eVTOL.

    More in the next days here on e-flight-journal.com

  • Airtec 2023 starting in Augsburg Germany tomorrow October 2023

    Airtec has changed the location again in 2023 it will have its

    exhibits at the Messe Augsburg

    with an interesting – e-aviation conference

    For more info – stay tunes.

  • CAAC issued the type certificate to EHang eVTOL

    Today on 13 October 2023 the Chinese regulator CAAC issued the type certificate to EHang EH216-S two-seat eVTOL in Beiijng, China. This is the first type certififcate issued to an eVTOL in the world, as well as the first type certificate issued to a pilotless passenger-carrying aircraft in the world.

    The issurance ceremony was held in Beijing today

    The director of the airworthness certification department of CAAC, Ms.Yang Zhenmei (left) passed the type certificate to the founder and CEO of EHang, Mr.Hu Huazhi (right)

    According to the information released at the ceremony, EH216-S has a maximum design speed of 130km/h, maximum cruising speed of 90km/h, maximum takeoff weight of 620kg and service ceiling of 120m (AGL).

    EHang applied for the certification to CAAC in 2020 and CAAC officially accepted the application in Feburary 2021 so it took about two and half years for EHang to obtain this type certificate. According to various sources, this certificate comes with some operational limits and EHang still needs go through some process before commercial operation. Thus many things still remain to be seen and it might be too early to say this is the success of EHang. Instead, this certificate might be just the beginning. Nevertheless the title of the world’s first certified pilotless eVTOL should be a good reason for EHang to celebrate at this moment.

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