CAAC Published Special Condition for Autoflight’s eVTOL

On 29 May 2023 the Chinese regulator, CAAC, published the draft of special condition for certification of the V2000CG cargo eVTOL designed by Autoflight.

V2000CG prototype

According to the special condition draft, V2000CG has 2 metric ton maximum takeoff weight, 400kg paylaod, 200km range at 200kph crusing speed. Autoflight submitted airworthness application of V2000CG to CAAC last September and claims that this is the first type certificate application of cargo eVTOL at this weight level in China.

V2000CG has a lift+cruise configuration with eight propellors for lift and three propellors dedicated to cruise with two at the rear of the beam and one at the rear of cabin. Autoflight is also developing a passenger-carrying model of similar configuration with two cruise propulsions at the rear of the beam.

The full text of the special condition draft can be downloaded at (in Chinese only):

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