Preview of Electric Aviation Displays at Paris Air Show

Paris Airshow will begin on 19 June and run until 25 June. As the prominent aviation trade show in the world, advanced air mobility (AAM) will of course be part of the show. As the AAM industry is going through certification and commercial operation threshold, there are quite some anticipation and some premier at the show this year.

We went through the exhibitors list to find the electric aviation exhibitors for you. There will be a dedicated area named “Paris Air Mobility”in Hall 5 where most electric and AAM aircraft will be presented. Of course there will be some other exhibitors in electric aviation especiall in supply chain domain scattering in other exhibition areas.

Here are the electric aircraft manufactures coming to present in Paris:

Aircraft at display:

Autoflight’s V1500M eVTOL (Hall 5)

Volocopter’s VoloCity eVTOL (Hall 5)

Archer’s Midnight eVTOL (Hall 5)

eHang’s 216 eVTOL (Hall 5)

Ascendance’s Atea eVTOL (Hall 5)

Lilium Jet eVTOL (cabin mockup) (Hall 5)

Eve Air Mobility eVTOL (cabin mockup) (Hall 5)

VoltAero (B4)

Aura Aero (B4)


Airbus (Hall 5)

Joby (Hall 5)

ZeroAvia (Hall 4)

Wisk (Boeing booth in C2)

Beyond Aero (Hall 2b)

We will bring you on-site report when the show starts. Stay tuned!