V2000CG Cargo eVTOL of Autoflight received Type Certificate

A ceremony was held in Kunshan city near Shanghai in the afternoon on 22 March 2024 for the issuance of the type certificate from CAAC to V2000CG cargo eVTOL unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of Autoflight Technology.

This TC is issued to V2000CG under the large UAV category (empty weight >116kg and MTOW > 150kg) of Part 21 of CAAC. According to public information, this is the first certified large cargo eVTOL by CAAC and, in this sense, in the world. According to Autoflight, V2000CG has a maximum takeoff weight over 2 metric tons and a payload of 500kg. Autoflight has been developing in parallel the passenger-carrying model called „Prosperity“ similar to V2000CG.

At the ceremony Autoflight signed an agreement with ZTO, a leading Chinese delivery company, for 30 V2000CG and an agreement with Heli Eastern, the largest Chinese helicopter operator for operation partnership.

Autoflight applied for a type certificate to CAAC in September 2022 for V2000CG, which was officially accepted on September 29, 2022, and finally awarded the TC on March 22, 2024, which means that the certification of V2000CG lasted one and a half years.

For more information: autoflight.com/ZH