Sun ‘n Fun 2021 – it´s ON and Electric

Electric Aerolite 103 Is Flying

… but U-Fly-IT boss Dennis Carley said they are still working on a name for the new entry.

Making 30 horsepower, electric motors show their super efficiency and delivers comparable performance to gas-powered engines while requiring almost no maintenance.

The electric installation on Aerolite maintains U-Fly-It’s trademark clean and tidy appearance. The arrangement looks well conceived and executed and with a few minor refinements in hardware to contain the battery packs, the Electric Aerolite is done and will enter production.

Aerolite 103 is a modest purchase, with gasoline models almost always priced at less than $20,000 in ready-to-fly form. Electric doesn’t change that too much so Aerolite 103 is not only a well-developed aircraft but one you can probably afford (though everyone’s budget is different).

How Long Can You Fly? Assuming a climb to 700 feet above ground and then cruising at 40-45 miles per hour, two battery packs will last about 30 minutes.

What Is the Maximum Endurance?  While two battery packs are the minimum arrangement, you can have two, three, or four. If you have four, you can fly for about an hour, again and always dependent on how you operate the powerplant.

How Much? At Sun ´n Fun 2021, here are some price estimates. Two battery packs with electric motor, controller, and all mounts and cables lists at $9,750. A gasoline engine and fuel tank may cost slightly less but not a big difference. Each extra battery pack is $2,550 additional.

When Can You Get One? — Gasoline or powered, as of Sun n´Fun 2021, Aerolite is quoting around eight months to take delivery of a ready-to-fly; five months for a kit. Yes, business is that good! More than one Aerolite a week leaves U-Fly-It.

(Dan Johnson)