Xpeng unveiled eVTOL Flying Car

Today at the Xpeng Technology Day, Mr.He Xiaopeng the chairman and CEO of Xpeng Auto, one of the leading Chinese electric car manufacturer, presented an eVTOL flying car design. This concept can take off and land vertically as well as can drive on the road, aka a true „flying car“.

Xpeng’s aviation subsidiary HT Aero, which Xpeng acquired last year, will be in charge of this flying car development.

The design will have two folding rotors with both collective and cyclic controls. in road mode the flying car will be 4.98m long and 2m wide while in flight mode it will be 12.2m long and 7m wide. The flying car will have near 1.9 ton maximum takeoff and landing weight.

Xpeng target 2024 for mass production and 100 million RMB price tag (156.6k USD)