Whisper Aero Unveiled the First Product–An Electric Drone

Whisper Aero, the electric aviation startup founded by the eVTOL veteran and former exectutive of Uber Elevate Mark Moore, unveiled their first product at the Heli-Expo in Dallas, US–an electric drone named „Whisper Drone“.

First Look: Whisper Aero’s New Electric Surveillance Drone
Whisper Drone

The Tennessee-based company said the the drone is designed to be very quite and highly efficient, is intended for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) use, and has finished validation testing for the Pentagon. Based on validation testing, the US Air Force has awarded Whisper Aero two contracts totaling $1.5 million to further the project development. The company did not yet specify any further details of the drone.

Mark Moore set up Whisper Aero in 2020 to pursue ultra-quiet and efficient electric propulsion for aviation use. Besides Whisper Drone, the company is developing Whisper Jet, a regional electric airplane. The company has raised at least $7.5 millions USD according to public report before winning the research contracts of the US Air Force this time.