Pie Aeronefs- The Magpie on approach for AERO 2023

Willi Tacke editor of e-flight-Journal together with Pie Aeronefs ceo Marc Umbricht.

Yesterday Willi Tacke,the Founder of e-flight-Journal, visited Pie Aeronefs in the little Village La Sarraz in French Switzerland near Lausanne. The company founded by Marc Umbricht in 2019 is about to develop several electric aircraft from the scratch.

Electric Raceplane UR-1

The First will be the UR 1 a single seated electric aircraft supposed to be flying in the Air Race E.

„This Aircraft will be our Proof of concept for many details and – if all goes well, it will also be our first product sold as Kit, „stated Marc in the interview. It is planned to show the prototype at the AERO 2023.

  • The second aircraft that the company will release is the UG-2 Bullfinch which is supposed to take off in 2024. The UG-2 Bouvreuil is a 2 seat Kitplane which promises performance like a cessna 152 with a range up to 500 NM purely on battery power.

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